FRP Bypass APK Full Guide To Bypass FRP

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Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection for Android

We have made a step by step guide of how to bypass a Google factory reset protection, so none of you end up permanently losing your data. This bypass procedure can be performed on any phone, tablet or device that has an android version 5.1 or higher. There are many ways to bypass Google FRP but due the latest android updates those methods have been blocked.
This guide will ensure you don’t take any wrong steps that may be risk for you data. And we hope you try all our methods because the success of bypass depends on the version of the android version. Lower versions android have better chances of getting bypassed.
FRP Bypass Apk

What is Google Factory Reset Protection?

Google added a new feature named FPR or the full form being Factory Reset Protection. Only android devices with android version 5.0 or higher have this security feature. These devices provide built-in security features you can use to protect your device and information, including screen locks and data encryption. It protects the device if it’s ever stolen or lost.

This security feature gets automatically activated as soon as you sign up on a Google account on your device. Once the FPR protocol is activated it prevents the use of factory data reset until and unless you log in using a Google username and password previously set up on the device.

This feature has been introduced in all the latest leading smart phones; it’s mainly for the protection of a person’s data and personal information. Companies like HTC, LG, Samsung and other android interface users implemented this feature in their phones as a safety protocol.

The only need to bypass the Google factory reset protection is when you have forgotten either the username or password or both, of the Google account signed up on your device. Or you have purchased a second- hand device.
You may be worried and might even panic that you have lost all your data but there isn’t any need to worry, Google’s FRP is not too hard to bypass given you take all the right steps. But as Google is updating and continuously increasing security, making it hard to bypass it day by day.

Bypass Factory Reset Protection on Samsung Devices

The older devices of Samsung don’t have Google FRP only newly released devices such as Galaxy J5, J7, Galaxy C5, Galaxy Note 5, S6 Edge, S7 Edge, Galaxy S8, and S8 Plus and onwards have this security protocol activated in them.

There are mainly two ways to bypass Google’s FRP on Samsung devices
  • With the help on an OTG cable
  • Access to a PC



Step1: Download FRP bypass tool APK, the download link is provided here - Bypass Samsung Google account verification app apk.

Step 2: Copy the APK file to your USB.

Step 3: Connect the USB to your phone using the OTG cable.

(Once connected the file manager will appear on the screen)
Step 4: Go to the file manager and install the APK app.
(Once installed you’ll now have access to your phone settings.)

Step 5: Find Backup and Reset

Step 6: Tap Factory Reset Data or Reset Device. All the data in your phone will be erased.

Step 7: After you have reset the device. Your device will reboot normally, and may take some time before starting up but that is normal.

This is one way of bypassing Google’s FRP.


The steps are almost same but instead of using an OTG cable you’re going to use your PC

Step 1: Download and Install SideSync.

Step 2: Run SideSync application on your PC, connect your phone using the USB cable.

Step 3: A popup will appear, you will have to choose which gateway you prefer

Step 4: Choose Chrome as it is more suitable, and search the following link

Step 5: Download the APK file and tap back to the Samsung Apps. It will ask you to download SideSync on your device but it is recommended to download ES File Explorer as it is more efficient.
Download and install the app.

Step 6: Open ES File Explorer, go to download folder and run the bypass app APK to install it.

Step 7: Open the Settings menu, scroll down and find Backup and reset.

Step 8: Tap Factory data reset and Reset device.

And that’s it you have finally unlocked your device.

But in any case if you aren’t able to bypass your device, then we would recommend that you downgrade your android version to somewhat close to android 5.0 or 5.1 or android vanilla. And if for some reason if you still aren’t able to bypass it, there are ways where you can pay to get your device unlocked, it won’t cost much but it is recommended that you try it on your own.

Factory Reset Protection FRP Bypass APK Latest

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Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK

Google initiated a step to include a safety protocol feature termed as Google Factory Reset Protection. This security feature was added to the devices which had Android version above android (5.0). This feature was added as a safety measure so that it would protect your phone’s data in case of theft or if lost.

When you perform a reset on your device, all the device data including settings are erased. If you have a Google account linked to your phone, this means FRP is active; FRP gets activated as soon as you sign up for a Google account on your device. And you can easily bypass FRP using the latest version of FRP bypass APK.

frp-bypass-apk latest-version

So, you will have to log in with your Google account credentials, mainly the username and password, to unlock and use your phone. This helps very much when the device was stolen and someone tries to resets it in order for it to behave like a completely new device.

Google factory reset protection requires the verification of the Google account linked to the device once you have formatted the phone or require formatting it. This comes at a disadvantage as many users tend to forget the password of the linked Gmail account on their device. This, in turn, made the device useless or inaccessible for them.

Since then many methods have been developed to bypass Google factory reset protection.

  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection via OTG cable.
  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection via Pc.
  •  Bypass Google factory reset protection with the help of APK.

In this guide we will be focusing on the third method; Bypass Google factory reset protection with the help of APK. The other two methods have also been updated by us, go check them out too.

All these methods are based on FRP bypass APK file that helps you to get into phone Settings and Wipe and Erase your phone data including the Google account linked to the phone.

And if you’re reading this guide then you must have been locked out of your phone and require the assistance of an FRP bypass APK, that have been developed by Android developers. No need to worry as these methods are tired and tested.

Let’s start now, first download the given app below.
  •  File Name     : FRP Bypass
  •  File Size        : 83.08 KB
  •  File Type       : application/
  •  File extension: APK 
  •  An app named “Development Settings”.

You’re also going to require the following things in order to bypass Google factory reset protection easily:

  •  A PC, on which you can download the files that are required by you. The PC must also be able to support the software required for this bypass.
  •  In case you don’t possess a PC, an OTG cable will do the work.
  •  Access to a fast Wi-Fi network for smooth processing and to be able to download the files on your phone.
  •  Make sure you don’t run the recent version of Android, downgrade if possible.
**This method is mostly preferable for Samsung devices.

Follow the given steps below to bypass Google FRP:

  1.  Download the Bypass app either on your PC or on your USB.
  2.  Turn on your phone; you will then complete the first few steps. After which the Google accounts window will appear on your screen as given below.
  3.  It will ask you to verify your account; which you aren’t able to. That’s where we step in.
  4.  Now, connect the pen drive via the OTG Cable to your phone or connect your phone to your PC via a cable.  
  5.  As soon as you connect it, your device will open the file explorer and show the contents of the drive. Select the FRP Bypass APK file. It will show you a warning message blocking the installation of the app because of its third-party nature (It’s just a warning, ignore it).
  6.  As it is a third party application your phone won’t accept it. Hence you have to go to “settings” and then turn on “Unknown Sources” option.
  7.  Now the FRP bypass APK will be installed with ease, without any interruptions. Tap on “open” and the app, in turn, will take you to the “Settings Menu”.
  8.  Scroll down and you’ll find “backup and reset”, tap on that.
  9.  Now search for “Factory reset”, and tap on that.
  10.  Your phone will get formatted. All its data will be erased, along with the Google account that is linked to the device.
  11.  After this, restart your phone. You’ll find that your phone has been reset but this time with no Google account in its memory.
  12.  After turning on your phone, a page will appear asking you to add a Google account; add an account according to your choice (be sure to note down the username and password for future preferences).
  13.  This is one of the ways, by which you can bypass Google Factory Reset Protection with ease.

Downgrade Android: 
For many people, the bypass method doesn’t work properly or doesn’t work at all. The reason is that Google released factory reset protection after the Android version (5.0). And Android developers kept on increasing the security day by day as Google and Android had both become the very concern with safety. Making the safety of the user's data as their first priority.

For the people facing the problem with FRP bypass APK, it must be because your android version either must be higher than 5.0 or up-to-date. Bypassing will especially be a problem for those who have an android version 6.0 or higher. To remove this problem it is recommended that you downgrade your android version to a lower version. This will make the bypassing easier and more efficient.

We hope this guide has been helpful for you and helped you achieve whatever you wanted to. I hope now you're able to bypass Factory Reset Protection on your Android device. But let this also be noted that this guide is only for educational purposes and to increase the knowledge on this topic. We are not responsible for the misuse of this information in any way.

How To Bypass Factory Reset Protection (FRP) By Google - 100% Working

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Google Account Verification: Bypass Google Factory Reset Protection

Google verification is also called Factory Reset Protection (FRP) in Android. Google Factory reset protection is a safety protocol that was made available in all android devices that had android version above 5.0 or above android vanilla.

This security feature was included as a safety measure for your data and personal information stored in your phone. The Google factory reset protection is used in the case of any unfortunate event wherein you lose the device or if any unauthorized person tries to reset it, the device will require the Google Account ID and password to be fed in.

It’s basically used to curb the chances of any theft or misuse of your phone. It’s because of this feature that your phone unattractive of theft or anyone taking it and selling it off.  This feature is available on all phones, tablets or devices that have the android version 5.0 or higher.

But this security feature may also come to be a problem for many users. As it is very common for people to forget the ID or password of the Gmail account that is needed for Google account verification, or is signed up on the device.

In many cases as the owner has bought a second hand phone he/she is unaware of the signed up Google account that is needed for Google account verification. And most of the times after trying to reset their phone people become aware of this security protocol, making them frustrated and even causing them to panic.

Here we put forward a step by step guide of how to bypass Google Factory Reset Protection, without it being any risk for your phone’s data.

There are numerous ways to bypass Google FRP but these methods are being blocked day by day as Google is increasing its security by every passing day, with every new android update.

But we still recommend you try these methods as they have the most chances of working.

Bypass Google Account Verification on Android Devices

There are three methods of bypassing Google Factory Reset Protection, they are as follows

1.  Bypassing Google account via unlocking OEM

Step 1: When you see the factory reset protection page that is asking for the required Google account linked with the device; open keyboard and long press @

Step 2: A window will popup, tap “Google Keyboard Settings”


Step 3: There will be three dots (...) located in the upper right corner or just below it, tap on it and select “Help and Feedback”.

Step 4: Select a random item and long press to copy its text; you will see a web search item on the upper right.

Step5: Click on the item and in the search bar type “Settings”; this will make you the settings app on the phone.

Step 6: Go to “Developer Options”; at times it may not appear so just press “Build Number” 7 times, this will make you pull out “Developer Options” and in turn allow  “OEM Unlocking”.


Step 7: Long press the power button to reboot the phone. When the phone is rebooted instead of seeing the Google FRP page you’ll see “Add account” page. Add a Google account and you can now enter your device.


**Be sure to note down the Email ID and password of this account so it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience in the coming future.

2.  Bypassing Google Verification via Reset

Step 1:  When you reach the Google verification account page, return to Select WLAN(WiFi) Network page and add a new network. (It can be any network).


Step 2:  Type a line of random characters on the Network SSID tab. Long press the characters and choose Share. (The option will appear on its own).

Step 3:  A pop-up page will appear on the screen. On the pop-up page, long press the Gmail icon and it will show Gmail's App info.

Step 4: Choose Notification and then tap on App Settings.

Step 5: Tap the three dots icon; a sub-block will appear you shall then the option “choose Manage Account”. You will see a notification come down below.

Step 6: Tap Continue, to enter Settings.

Step 7: In Settings, choose Backup & Reset and then Factory data reset. After the completion of reset, Google account will be removed from the phone.


**You can then access your phone or add a new account. Be sure to note down the Email ID and password of this account so it doesn’t cause you any inconvenience in the coming future. 

3. Factory Reset Protection Bypass APK to Bypass Google Account Lock (via OTG)

If none of the above methods worked for then, this method maybe helpful. As it takes help of an APK or an app to bypass Google FRP. APK are basically tools that can help you bypass Google FRP, and many of these tools are developed to bypass Google accounts on devices such as Samsung, LG, Nexus, HTC, etc.

These tools or apps help you remove the Google accounts with ease. Just follow the steps accordingly. For this method you will require an OTG cable, that is easily available in electronic shops or you can order online. You will also require a USB (pen drive).

This method is the most used method.

OTG cable

 Step 1: Choose a bypass app such as FRP Bypass APK, Pangu FRP Bypass APK etc, not all these apps are free. Choose according to your will or take in consideration of their ratings and reviews.

Step 2: Download the app on a USB device (pen drive)

Step 3: Connect your phone to the OTG cable along with the other side of the OTG cable connected to the USB

Step 4: Go to the file manager and install the APK app.

Step 5: After installing the FRP bypass app, you can get access to phone settings and erase        everything, including Google account on the phone.

Step 6: Find Backup and Reset.

Step 7: Tap Factory Reset Data or Reset Device. All the data in your phone will be erased.

**If you don’t possess an OTG cable you can use the FRP bypass tool with the help of a PC.

Final words:

That is all folks. Hope this was of great help for all of you to bypass FRP in your Android device. These were some latest and working methods to bypass factory reset protection in all Android phones in a easy way. If you think there is any other way to bypass FRP protection, please do let us know. Tell us know which method you liked the most by droping a comment below. :)